Football Twins Turn To Modelling

The modelling world can be a harsh place to be sometimes. They remain beneath the spotlight and under scrutiny to be super thin, and are constantly being tugged and pulled about by designers and dressers. There are also benefits to the career choice. Being beautiful, wearing designer clothes, striding up and down a catwalk for a living are part and parcel of this glamorous industry. As with any job it has its ups and downs and those who choose the vocation do so with all of this in mind. Those who do have what it takes to make it in the world of modelling are well prepared for the benefits and the downside of the job. Of course it is an industry heavily populated with young and naive skinny girls and guys who think they are good enough to do the enviable occupation but actually are not ready mentally at all.

Of course not all youngsters strive to become models one day. Some are literally thrown into the profession out of nowhere. Many are great examples of this. There dreams of becoming a world เว็บพนันออนไลน์ ufabet famous name are never thought around the job of modelling and are normally spotted somewhere in public by a talent scout who reckoned that there looks would get them somewhere in the modelling world. Many of these famous name are now world renowned who grace the cover of endless magazines and front countless campaigns for designer brands and high end labels. Many are now more known for being celebrities rather than models as some will bring out a number of perfumes and clothing lines. So it is no wonder that many now want to get into the business so they can fulfil their dreams of becoming famous.

They are not the only ones that have been hurled into the bright lights of the catwalk. Twin brothers Zach and Jordan Stenmark from Sydney in Australia were avid football players and worked part time in a coffee shop. They were hoping that their scholarships to Sydney University would get them somewhere in the world of football. Now they are both models for a living and each have recently took part in Milan fashion week. One opened the show and the other closed it with their great looks and masculine physiques. They have even been seen on fashion billboards across the globe and their careers overseas seems to be paying off a lot better than the one originally planned. Unlike many others, this pair has been snapped up by a range of different agencies in what seems like no time at all. Excellent luck in what can be a harsh industry.