Visiting Olympic Port Barcelona

The Barcelona Summer Olympics, which took place in 1992, have left a lively place of entertainment and leisure in the city. Not only did it help the city build a strong tourist reputation, but it also gave people something to look up to.

The city is also very popular due to its Twin Towers, which stood 154 meters high. Believe it or not, the twin towers are the tallest building in the city. During the Barcelona Olympics, the towers also paid tribute to visiting athletes. Today they are occupied by the Torre Mafe Company and the Hotel Arts.

In the center of Barcelona’s Olympic Port is a fully functional square marina. It houses the most luxurious yachts of the Catalans. It also welcomes visitors sailing from all over the world. Tourists can stroll through the marina to witness the mooring of sailboats or sail out into the beautiful sea. If you like to wander the sea, you can book a cruise from the marina. You also have the option of signing up for a sailing excursion with a sailing school near the port.

Barcelona nightlife

The Olympic Port of Barcelona is not only famous for its strong sporting appeal. In fact, it is one of the places that has the liveliest nightlife. The place is packed with bars, clubs and restaurants that slowly replace the sun’s rays with dancing lights as night falls. Whether you’re a party animal or not, the enticing music will draw you in. Normally, tourists would gather in Barcelona’s Olympic Port to dance and mingle at clubs like Shoko, Sotavento and CDLC. These clubs have large dance floors and terraces overlooking the beach.

Another fashionable nightcub is the Opium Mar, which is located right in the Olympic Port of Barcelona. It is known for its lavish stage shows and colorful dancers. If you want to have fun until 6 am, you can go to Catwalk. It’s a two-story club just below the Hotel Arts with international DJs. His music includes house music, techno and hip hop. The Moll Mestral in the marina also has a set of bars and clubs that are less sophisticated but offer free entry and cheaper drinks.

Barcelona beaches

Apart from Barcelona’s famous Olympic Port, the place is also known for its beautiful beaches that stretch from the twin towers to the south and to the W-Hotel. The beach is a very nice place to bathe in the sand, swim and relax throughout the day.

The Olympic Port of Barcelona is usually full of people even if it is not high season. For a quieter environment, the Sant Sebastia would be a very good option. San Sebastia is another beautiful beach near the promenade. If you venture north along the coast, you will see more beautiful beaches such as Bogatell and Nova Icaria and Nova Mar Bella. This is also the section where you can find Mar Bella, Barcelona’s nudist beach.